Steampunk Style Tentacle and Eyeball Pendants for Sale!

Hi all! Wow I am so bad at keeping up with the blog. I even have weekly alerts on my phone that I conveniently seem to miss! But hey, I’ve been busy… I’ve been one of the very lucky people who have had two months off work on furlough in the UK and I’ve had the best time exploring and playing with all different sorts of material and inks. I was very fortunate to be a Kickstarter on the new Cosclay polymer clay from www.cosclay.com It’s astounding stuff that bends like rubber once cooked and it has opened an avenue that I have always wanted to get into, freaky fantasy pendant necklaces! Using a mixture of Cosclay, crystals, mica powder and paint I have been inventing some very weird and wonderful pendants that are already starting to be adopted around the world!

Eyeball Pendant Jewellery Cosclay Alien Necklace Shelly Still 6

One eyed Bob was the first to be adopted and is now very happy staring at the sights and sounds of the North. I have some more Eyeball Kids coming up soon, and will blog when they are ready to enter the real world! But I also have some fun and freaky tentacle pendants currently for sale at Etsy! www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ShellyStill

Alternative Silver Eye Crystal Tentacle Gothic Pendant Jewellery Shelly Still

Birds Nest Robin Pendant Cosclay Crystal Necklace Shelly Still

Alternative Green Tentacle Gothic Pendant Jewellery Shelly Still

Blog post taken from the original post on www.shellystill.co.uk/blog

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