They’re Alive! New Eyeball Kids Ready for Adoption!

Alien Eyeball Kids Gothic Steampunk Cosclay Alien Tentacle Pendant Necklace OOAK Shelly Still

The first batch of Eyeballs Kids are now live on Etsy and waiting for new homes! I had such a great response from Bob, the first Eyeball Kid that I couldn’t resist making some more. We have Jem, Babs, Cynthia, Goldie, Clem, Gavin, Jack and Kevin all waiting to keep an eye on you…

I made these with a new Polymer clay called Cosclay. It’s amazing stuff! Has a bend to it when cooked which makes sure all of the thin parts don’t break, and also don’t stab people, much to the dislike of the Eyeball Kids me thinks… I then create the shimmer effect with mica powder and varnish to keep it strong! Let me know who you like the best, or what sort of things you would like to see on the next Eyeball Kids! Message me at shellystill@outlook.com or leave a comment on the blog!

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