abstract art

Watercolour Doodling

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the paints out. The house has been carpeted from top to bottom before it gets sold, and I promised, promised, I wouldn’t get the paints back out. But I feel like I’m drowning in my own head, so thought what harm can watercolour pencils do? It’s like drugs, it just lead to harder things! Well the real watercolours anyway. I made some circles from the watercolour pencils, then started adding a bit more depth with some watercolour paints. I quite enjoyed what came out, as I’m usually a jagged little critter.

Abstract Art Doodle Part 1 Watercolour Shelly Still

As nice as it was I really fancied a doodle. I’m getting a pyrography machine for Christmas (if santa takes me off the naughty list) and really want to practice abstract lines and ideas so got a couple of Unipin pens out and started following the lines of the watercolour.

Abstract Art Doodle Part 1 Watercolour Shelly Still

I left it for a few hours, but the little doodle devil in my head was telling me it’s not over yet so grabbed a pen and clipboard and took it to bed with me. Decided to stop around midnight! Got so involved, the only issue was I’ve been so used to drawing on an iPad I didn’t realise how bad my eyesight has got! Those little circles were almost the death of me! Fuzzy eyes! I’m calling this one Swishy Fooberry! Almost reminds me of a Cure album cover from the 80s… so, if you’re reading this Robert Smith I’m available for commissions! Hehe.

Keep doodling everyone! Don’t be scared to f#ck it up, push yourself!

Also I am not way affiliated or whatever from them but I fricking love Cult Pens and try and buy everything arty from them! Go buy your doodling things there!

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