abstract art

Springtime in my garden -Abstract Art

Spring buds on my cherry blossom and fruit trees (scroll for pics) feels later this year for some reason. Maybe I’ve just noticed it more because I’ve been at home a lot the start of this year. The robins are just starting to build their second nest of the year too! Straight back into my greenhouse lean to. I’m not growing anything this year, so let’s hope for a few more flourishing babies. Though robin babies are truly ugly. Truly..
Watercolour paints and ink pen on watercolour paper inspired by the garden

Springtime tree of life abstract art by Michelle Still Creates
abstract art

Sun Fire -Abstract Art

Fire up the sunshine! First day of the year sitting in the garden. Suddenly furlough is ok. I used the Brusho powder paint stuff again. I like it when wet, the way the colours bleed into eachother is exciting, but always a little disappointed when it dries less vibrant. Maybe I need to try some different paper! *Rushes to the craft shed*

Sun Fire -Abstract Art Illustration by Michelle Still Creates
abstract art

Abstract Artwork – Poppies

A few years ago our garden exploded with hundred and hundreds of poppies, teeny ones and monsters almost a meter high. It didn’t happen last year so I’m praying to the seed god’s for it to happen again before we move

Watercolour paint and ink on A4 watercolour paper. For sale £20 +p&p, or happy to swap for some art materials! This little hobby needs to start paying for itself. Hehe.

Watercolour and Ink Abstract Artwork for Sale by Michelle Still Artist