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Doodle and watercolour monster disaster… Ish.

The pen marks on this doodle went really well… Then I had the bright idea if putting watercolour over it, decided it was a mistake and tried to rub it down with toilet tissue… Yeahhh. I kinda like the effect though! And it’s always fun to have a doodle experiment!


Tulips In Farnborough -Abstract Doodle Art

Tulips in Farnborough… Didn’t really have an idea when I started doodling on top of the minimal watercolour paint (not my usual fill the paper with colour!) So it was fun to see odd flowers blossom from it. Going to have some fun making ink bubbles later for some underwater vibes. Paper straws at the ready!

Tulip abstract illustration doodle by Michelle Still Creates
abstract art

Gone Fishing – Watercolor and Bleach Art

Gone fishing! Created with Brusho crystal paint, bleach and rotring ink on watercolour paper, was impressed that the ink didn’t bleach out going over the bleached areas! It’s been a few days and it’s stayed black. Really enjoying the bleaching process, though I might upgrade from general toilet bleach at some point! What’s the wierdist thing you’ve mixed into your paints?

Watercolour gone fishing abstract painting Michelle Still
abstract art

Abstract Artwork – Poppies

A few years ago our garden exploded with hundred and hundreds of poppies, teeny ones and monsters almost a meter high. It didn’t happen last year so I’m praying to the seed god’s for it to happen again before we move

Watercolour paint and ink on A4 watercolour paper. For sale £20 +p&p, or happy to swap for some art materials! This little hobby needs to start paying for itself. Hehe.

Watercolour and Ink Abstract Artwork for Sale by Michelle Still Artist
abstract art

Funny lines and funny shapes

Still locked down, still scratching at the walls… Twitch under my left eye strong and continuous. Started listening to Kyuss again. What does this all mean? Meh, who cares, look, bright colours and funny shapes! Hehe

Abstract artwork by shelly still ink and Brusho paints
Abstract artwork by shelly still ink and Brusho paints

Been experimenting a lot with Brusho paints. They are volitile but I love the fact you never know what’s going to happen!